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Massage Escorts

Massage is a great way to ease those aching muscles and sooth your frayed nerves however it is not just a great form of relaxation, in the right hands, it can certainly be so much more besides! Our stunning Massage escorts have a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your time together a whole lot more exciting. Whether you choose to enjoy a full body massage or perhaps something a little more erotic is entirely up to you. Many of our wonderful London escorts offer massage as a relaxation technique to set the tone of the date together and put you at ease.

Meeting someone new for the first time can be nerve wracking, especially when your partner is so beautiful. Many gents feel a little out of their league so our stunning massage escorts are the experts at breaking the ice and a sensual and erotic massage is the sure fire way to do that.

Whilst there are a number of specialist erotic massage services out there, the services they offer can sometime be confusing. Lingham, tantric and Yoni massage are all terms you may have heard mentioned in your search for the perfect massage experience and whilst these are indeed designed to reawaken your senses and enhance your performance in various areas of your life they may still leave you unfulfilled.

Our beautiful massage escort girls at Silver Fox escort agency are experienced and highly skilled in the seductive arts. They may not all be fully qualified masseuses and if this is a requirement we would ask that you call to check first. Whether our massage escorts have paper qualifications or not they are all extremely sensual and know exactly how to help you reach Nirvana in your desires.

Massage is commonly used as a form of foreplay between couples and it can certainly serve well as a sensual aid in enhancing pleasure. Usually warm, aromatic oils are used to soften the skin to help the masseuses hands glide freely over the body. The skin is the most erotic organ of our body with the most sensual nerve endings than anywhere else so it is not surprising that a single well placed touch can send shivers of excitement running through your entire body. Even areas which are not normally considered as erogenous zones can send shock waves of pleasure through the entire body and where our massage escorts have so much experience and the adventurous natures to explore you can guarantee that your massage escort service will be one that will delight both your mind and body in equal measure.

Massage is one area which must not be rushed. For clients who enjoy a sensual and erotic massage we would advise that the minimum length of time to book for your encounter would be at least an hour. Long, sensual strokes are so much more fulfilling when that they not vigorously applied, you want to feel stroked and caressed and guided on your path to pleasure not roughed up and assaulted in a rush to find your happy ending. Unlike massage parlour experiences our massage escorts offer massage as an enhancement to their services rather than the main event. If you are simply seeking restorative massage or even sports massage then this will not aid in any musculature recovery although it will certainly make you feel better about your aches and pains! Our massage escorts are not usually qualified therapists so we would not advise clients to expect any medical benefits from this service however they do say that happiness and good health is a state of mind and if you state what you are looking for then our massage escorts don’t mind providing it.