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Couples escorts is a service that has been vastly underrated for many years and has only recently been embraced by those who wish to spice up their relationships in the last few years. Our Couples escort service at Silver Fox escort agency ensures that a couple can introduce an additional female into their private fun without any future concerns for the strength of their relationship, in fact, sharing a joint passion not only enhances the bond but also allows the couple to express their connection on a higher level.

Couples escorts are a safe way for a couple to enjoy a threesome or ménage a trios without fear of anything that may undermine their future relationship. In the past couples may have indulged in an encounter with a female friend however this can lead to future emotional problems and insecurities. Adding a friend into the equation is a dangerous game so to eliminate any problems in the future our couples escorts provide the added fun for the duration of the encounter only and nothing more. Pleasure without the commitment or any awkward social encounters in the future – the perfect fleeting liaison which will leave the couple with only their binding relationship and a shared experience.

At Silver Fox escort agency our couples escorts follow a specific code of conduct in that they understand that it is female of the couple’s pleasure that will determine the success of the encounter. All our couples London escorts follow the lead of the woman to ensure that no boundaries are overstepped and emotional security remains intact at all times. The only way to fully enjoy the experience is if both parties are fully relaxed and concerned only for their own enjoyment and pleasure of the experience and so our beautiful London escorts will always ensure that they put their companions at ease.

Couples encounters are very different from Duos in the fact that between two of the three, there are emotions and feelings. In a typical duo, two of the threesome are London escorts and so it is more about physical pleasure than sensual fulfilment. There are very few London escort agencies which can boast a gallery of highly recommended couples escorts and at Silver Fox escort agency we are proud to be one of them.

Our Couples escort girls are happy to visit their clients in their own homes or hotels in the London area. Very rarely will a couple visit one of our escorts in her incall location and likewise dinner dates are extremely uncommon too. Usually it is all about the fun and broadening their minds to new and exciting experiences in the privacy of their own homes or hotel rooms. The ideal way to spice up a weekend away is to be joined by one of our beautiful couples escorts. Take a look at the gallery and see which of our lovely ladies appeals. Each of our escorts is all about ensuring you get the most from your experience and is not looking for any future or ongoing involvement. This is a key point to note and when it is accepted it can open the door to some wild and exciting adventures for both the couple and our escort.

Couples fun is something that provides an exhilarating, once in a lifetime experience without any future negative consequences. A chance to lose your inhibitions and explore the more taboo areas of your passion. Absolute discretion is of course guaranteed at all times so why wait? Call our team and let’s set up that date!