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Blonde Escorts

Quite often, it is the blonde London escorts that are so much in demand. It might be simply because blondes are rarer than brunettes or maybe it is simply that their fair hair makes them more eye catching in a crowd but whatever the attraction is for many men, no-one can disagree that Silver Fox escort agency is blessed with more than our fair share of stunning Blonde escorts in London.

Our blonde beauties include every nuance of golden shade from the wheat blondes right through to the platinum princesses. We have highlighted blondes and golden blondes in abundance and since all of our blonde escorts are naturally charming and sensationally seductive, your encounter with the woman of your choice is bound to be an unquestionable success.

Our Latin Blonde escorts are a real surprise. Most people think of Latin London escorts to be blessed with dark hair and eyes and olive skin however some of our South American stunners have blonde hair with green eyes which adds to their mystery and enthralling attraction. Our North European escorts from  Scandinavia include flaxen haired beauties from Norway and Sweden. These are the beauties who are known for their hedonistic desires and distinct lack of any inhibitions so you can be guaranteed an explosive encounter every time.

Like many other London escort agencies we have many Eastern European blonde escorts and also a few British blonde escorts. Sexy, eager to please and shockingly naughty, they may look angelic with their blonde halo like hair but they are anything but! Their desires are absolutely devilish, imaginative and oh so naughty, it only makes them all the more adorable.

Blondes with baby blue eyes tend to look the sweetest however looks can certainly be deceiving so don’t bank on your blonde, blue eyed beauty being sweet and gentle. Our blonde escorts with brown eyes look a little naughtier, it must be the knowing glint in those big brown eyes that give them away! Blondes have a reputation for being more fun and frivolous than brunettes and perhaps even a little ditzy. Our own blonde London escort girls are well educated and well versed in the art of seduction so if you are looking for a more meaningful and intense encounter our blondes will never be outdone by their brunette counterparts.

Regardless of their physical appearance, all our London escorts share the same high quality personalities and naughty sense of adventure. They love to please and derive their own pleasure from giving. They are responsive, fun and enthusiastic and genuinely enjoy having fun of a more intimate nature with their companions. Incalls are available in various locations throughout London but outcalls can be booked for a personal visiting service to client homes and hotels in London. Why not take a few moments to browse the profiles of each of our beautiful blonde London escorts and see which of our beauties is the ideal match for you and your personal requirements. We guarantee that with our extensive Blonde London escorts  gallery the choice might be somewhat more difficult than first imagined!