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Bi-Sexual Escorts

At Silver Fox London escort agency we have many modern London escorts who consider their sensuality to be fluid in the sense that they enjoy intimacy with both men and women. Our Bisexual escorts find no area taboo in that they are attracted to both members of the sexes and have an appreciation for femininity as well as masculinity. This, of course, opens the opportunity for various scenarios, not least enjoying a threesome or ‘menage a trios’ that many men find exciting and highly desirable.

The diverse nature of bisexual escorts means that they are naturally uninhibited and not bound by the constricts of society. They tend to follow their natural urges and go by the mantra of if it feels good, go with it. These elusive monoclinous young women are always very much in demand  as you would expect.

Most of our Bi-sexual London escorts are happy to share their clients with another of our London escort girls although it is worth noting that whilst being bisexual means that one is attracted to members of both sexes it does not always necessarily follow that one is attracted to all members of both sexes so when a client books a duo encounter we aim to ensure that the two bisexual escorts he chooses to enjoy his date with are indeed compatible. A single man can enjoy the pleasure of two of our gorgeous bisexual escorts at the same time to either be the centre of attention for both London escorts or he may be keen that his companions are equally enamoured of each other. F/F/M entanglements are the most usual fantasies for a red blooded man and not just for single men either as couples may like to be joined by one of our bisexual London escorts to spice up their intimate time together. Of course it has long been an exploration for couples to introduce an additional female into their private time and when one of our professional bisexual escorts is chosen it eliminates the emotional entanglement that can sometimes cause problems within the relationship. Our bisexual escorts in London are perfectly happy to enjoy the encounter for the pleasure of the moment and nothing more so the couple can continue with their relationship without fear of any intervention or  interference.

At Silver Fox escort agency our Bisexual London escort girls are, as you would expect, beautiful and elegant with sensational figures and a fun outlook on life. They love to capture every moment of possible pleasure to ensure that your encounters are truly memorable for all the right reasons. Whether you choose to enjoy a date with two of our beauties or even just an intimate date alone, you can guarantee that your chosen bisexual escort or escorts will ensure that your tryst is absolutely amazing.

For the most part our clients who enjoy dates with our bisexual London escorts tend to be men. Women rarely seek out bisexual women to enjoy an encounter with, only when it forms part of their couples fun. When our bisexual London escorts join a couple for an intimate tryst our escorts will usually follow the lead of the female to ensure that trust is nurtured and to make sure that the female clients feels comfortable. If the female in the threesome is not relaxed then the encounter will not be enjoyed nor repeated and so our beautiful escorts always take their lead from their feminine instinct and their knowledge of female body language. It is extremely important to our bisexual escorts in London to ensure that both of the couple have fun and that the over all experience is one which, whilst it may not be repeated, is remembered for all the right reasons and goes on to enhance the relationship with a deeper sense of shared experience.

For duo encounters, our bisexual London escorts always aim to ensure that their client is at the epicentre of the action at all times unless he states otherwise. Our experienced and very open minded beauties are highly skilled and extremely talented which is why they always receive excellent feedback every time.  If you are looking for an experience which will really open your mind to all the wonderful possibilities then a date with our Bisexual escorts in London is definitely something to try.