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Like a lot of London Baker Street has had an upgrade. Rather than focusing on a single street, the area has been revamped and is now pushing to be known as the Baker Street quarter. How very New York-ish. There is of course the obligatory website with details of all the local tourist attractions and now even an app which seeks to gain your personal details so that it can annoy you with deals and information long after you have visited.

Most tourists visit the Baker Street area with one think in mind. Sherlock Holmes. 221B was of course the home address for the fictional character and in the true style of giving the people what they want there has been a ‘museum’ created with trinkets, curiosities and such to promote it even further. However Baker Street is not just about Holmes. There are plenty of other things to discover close by and this is what the ‘quarter’ is all about, getting more people in and getting them to stay longer.

Madame Tussauds has been a permanent fixture in the area since 1835 and draws huge crowds despite the fact that most tourists probably already have a waxworks museum in their home country however the people at Tussauds are renowned for their excellent effigies and regularly update them with new and rising stars we would all recognise. If you can part the crowds long enough you can even have your picture taken with them.

The Wallace collection is housed close by too. This large London townhouse is home to 25 galleries of 18th Century originals as well as some Old Masters and of course the American Socialite’s fabulous jewellery collection. The fascination is really about the woman herself who singlehandedly changed the course of the British Monarchy forever. There are certainly women who can do that with their talents and wiles and at Silver Fox escort agency we have plenty of stunning young women with equal prowess and skill, perhaps if you get the chance you might want to meet them?

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