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You do the Maths

8:01 pm, Monday 11th April 2016

Some news out this week that TURNONLONDON, a company which seeks to promote the sensual well being of our Capital has launched a new service called Meditative fingering. Yes. For £147 a woman can enjoy 15 minutes of strumming at the hands of a complete stranger all in the name of meditation and self discovery (I think it is someone else doing the discovering actually). Gents can pay the same price to learn how to bring a woman to orgasm. Now whilst the similarities between getting wasted on vodka and picking up someone from the bar and enjoying this service are many, the team at this company state that their service offers meditative benefits where one can ‘feel, connect and be present’ One would hope that both parties are feeling, connecting and certainly present otherwise this is rather a waste of a service.

The lines have been blurred between the services our agency offers (which are a little more considerable than the one described above) and the ones that these new and trendy ‘self awareness’ companies offer. At least with our beautiful young ladies clients get to engage a whole lot more and can enjoy their time in private. These ‘self awareness workshops’ seek to de-sensualise everything turning what should be an enjoy able private moment into something of a step by step guide communist style!  Apparently Londoners are champing at the bit to enjoy these services so much so that they are booking weekend workshops for over £500 where they might actually enjoy about 60 minutes of digital dancing. Let’s compare that to 60 minutes with one of our London escorts and see who learns the most  and saves the most! Once you have worked it out (not going to be too difficult)  then give our agency a call on 07590849798