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What will you give up?

12:52 pm, Friday 5th February 2016

Shrove Tuesday is fast approaching and with all the different  themed events being promoted like the annual pancake race in Spitalfields and all the restaurants promising stacks of savoury and sweet pancakes to delight the taste buds , it is easy to forget that Shrove Tuesday is not actually about the pancakes but about using up everything sweet in the pantry before 40 days of Lent.

During lent we are meant to give something up that we love. Some people opt for chocolate, others opt for coffee at Silver Fox escort agency we haven’t yet met any clients who give up their time with our beauties. Who can blame them! At our London escort agency we have scores of stunners joining on a weekly basis so if you missed out for a whole 40 days you would find yourself so behind and there would be an awful  lot of catching up to do.

If you really must adhere to the time honoured practice of following lent then give up something like sprouts. These are great to give up and something which should be achieved fairly well. If you promise yourself you will give up sprouts for an entire 40 day period then you can treat yourself with a date with one of our glorious London escorts!

Our beautiful London escorts are indeed very sweet although they might be difficult to avoid for 40 days on the trot given their sensual allure and open minded natures. You could give up resisting them of course and simply allow yourself to be mesmerised by their charm. We have a number of new additions to our gallery so now is not the time to consider reserving your passion. Why not opt, instead, to enjoy one of the events which mark this tradition and console yourself with the fact that none of them are likely to include sprouts and so you can safely resist any temptation! Sorted.