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Ways to beat the bugs!

8:46 pm, Monday 1st August 2016

Whilst we embrace the arrival of summer, one thing that will really get under our skin (literally) are those mozzies. Recent research has shown us an extremely strange way of repelling mosquitos naturally, but that would mean getting a new pet – a chicken.


Yes. A chicken. Apparently, keeping a chicken by your side will prevent you from attracting mosquitos. So whilst it is an unlikely companion on the tube, you will keep the mosquitoes away ( and probably everyone else too)  Researchers have discovered that malaria-carrying mozzies are repelled by the odour of certain animal specials such as chickens. According to Professor Rickard Ignell from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, malaria mosquitoes are incredibly put off by chickens, and this is their first study on the behaviour of mosquitoes being regulated through odour cues. With their works based in Ethiopia, researchers have found out that the malaria mosquito much prefer feeding on the human rather than animal blood when given the choice between the two. However, if they are outdoors, they feed randomly on cattle, goats and sheep. Either way, the mosquitoes avoided chickens at all costs. Since there are few cattle, goats and sheep in London, a chicken might be your best bet – plus they are a handy travel size too. Kentucky fried does not count.


Extra tests were conducted to check if the effects are similar when trap baits are laden with compounds extracted from chicken feathers. True enough, the mosquitoes avoided the baits like humans avoiding the plague. As mosquitoes are evolving and being more immune to pesticides and mosquitoes prevention patches, this study is crucial for the development of novel control techniques. So if you have always wanted a pet chicken, this is the best opportunity to do so!

The very best advice of course is simply don’t venture out. Our high class London escorts will be able to keep you more than entertained for any length of time and their bites are much more pleasurable!