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The Bride was thin .... and crispy?

2:48 pm, Thursday 10th December 2015

As we open ourselves up to new experiences throughout our lives there are bound to be times when we not only feel pleasure but pain. This applies to many dimensions of our lives and, as we are told by our parents, it is all part of growing up. Most simply brush themselves off and put on a brave face for the new day but for some the pain of betrayal is too much.


It was revealed this week that one young man in Russia has decided to protect himself from the heartbreak of unrequited love by marrying a pizza. We kid you not. He stated that his reasons were born of the fact that ‘love between two humans is a complicated, wild thing’ and his logic told him that pizza ‘would not reject you or betray you, and speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it.’ Whilst we would probably all confess our love of the cheesy fast food it does raise the question that perhaps he had suffered quite a blow to his heart and one that drove him to these unusual actions. We at Silver Fox escorts, if asked, would have been able to offer better advice perhaps in the fact that our stunning London escorts are able to provide the warmth and companionship necessary to heal and build confidence until he was ready to go back out there on the dating circuit.


It is not our place to judge as everyone is entitled to follow their dreams and desires however we cannot see this marriage lasting beyond the ‘honeymoon phase’ not least because a thin and crispy meat feast does  not have that long a shelf-life!


A date with one of our stunning high class escort companions will be immensely satisfying, although perhaps your London escort date will be aiming to fulfil an appetite of a different nature, nevertheless one certainly wouldn’t need to resort to such extreme measures when you  have the talents and skills of our beauties on hand. Call Silver Fox escorts to prevent your descent into madness on 07590 849 798