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Text alert

4:48 pm, Tuesday 12th April 2016

There are many things that are considered dangerous when driving although some people adhere to the laws of some better than others. Take texting. This has become illegal to text whilst driving in the UK although it is still allowed in many other parts of the world however whereas almost everyone agrees and understands the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, many people still use their phones when they should not. Given the fact that there have been a number of text related deaths, police now have a new gadget that will tell them if someone was texting at the wheel. The textaliser is a form of mobile phone forensics machine that can tell when the phone was in use, like a breathalyser it would be used as evidence that the driver was being distracted and could go a long way to ensuring that more people take the laws more seriously. Of course there are plenty of other things that are distracting whilst driving, not least our high class London escorts and of course our ladies always behave in a responsible manner should their date be taking them out somewhere. Only once the car is stationary should your attention fall to them, we want to make sure you have a safe night out at all times.

It can be difficult keeping focused on anything else when you are in the company of our beautiful London escorts and that is why we recommend, certainly in London anyway, taking a taxi to and from your location – especially if you are travelling together. Dinner dates, social events and other engagements often require you to arrive as a couple and so a taxi is the best way to do that. You can focus all your attention on your beautiful partner without any worry for your own or your partners safety. Call Silver Fox escort agency to make a date with our beautiful London escorts and ask us to arrange your taxi at the same time!