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Swingers in London

5:14 pm, Thursday 9th June 2016

Swingers London has taken the dubious risk at launching permanently in London although not for the reasons you may think. What started off as a pop-up last year in East London ( the home of the trendy pop-up) has become such a massive hit (pardon the pun) that the owners have decided to set up shop in a more permanent fashion. No you will not find playrooms or pots with keys in them but two nine hole golf courses with a bar at the 10th hole.

The world’s first crazy golf bar has opened where you can enjoy a swinging time and have a drink at the same time either along the course itself or at the swanky bar on the 10th hole. There is even a Gin terrace although it is not clear if you can stand there if you are not drinking gin.

Our stunning London escort shave visited and agree that the course is fun and imaginative and the bar is certainly welcomed at the end and if you get a little peckish there is a street food area to replenish your energy. Of course our ladies love their partners to hit the target every time and whilst they may not be avid golfers they certainly do enjoy games with balls although there are few dedicated bars which catere to these tastes.

Swingers London is one in a million and whilst some of the newest clientele may have misunderstood the theme of the bar they still have a good time nonetheless. Our stunning London escorts are rarely misunderstood as they make their desires and needs perfectly clear. Why not give us a call and make a date with one or more of our girls as we have London escorts who swing both ways too!