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Sweetness that wont dissolve

4:30 pm, Friday 18th December 2015

Its national sugar awareness week which is something you might have missed given that no-one came up with a quirky hashtag to promote it. It seems a shame that we might have missed people with rotten teeth posting wide grins or others with the physique of an iced donut promoting the benefits of the sweet stuff, but since social media doesn’t actually represent real life, then it is unlikely to happen.

What we did get though was three sculptures created by a ‘food artist’ standing outside the Houses of Parliament. This was just in time for the Parliamentary reception hosted by Action on sugar which discusses the health implications of too much sweetness. The statues depict a child, a woman and a man, not so strange you might think except when you find out that they were sculpted entirely from sugar. What is even more amazing is the fact that each statue was made with the exact amount of sugar that each group consumes per minute through fizzy drinks in the UK. Slightly odd, was the fact that it was sponsored by Soda Stream.  You know, the ones who make normal drinks fizzy.

Photos were taken and congratulatory handshakes all round for the cleverness of the idea, then it rained. A lot.

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