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Stand and deliver!

5:12 pm, Thursday 9th June 2016

Travelling on a tube is a way of life for most Londoners. Like the very air (fumes) that we breathe walking up the left hand side of the escalators was just as natural as driving on the left hand side of the road until Transport for London decided that everyone must stand on both sides in order to ease congestion. Now, British people are known the world over for their liberalism and there are very few things that will spark rebellion  but having to stand still on the left hand side of the escalator is one of them. Holborn station has resorted in desperation to placing a hologram at the foot of the escalators in a bid to remind people to stand still. Londoners have chosen to simply ignore her and have continued dashing up the left hand side with no regard to the new rules. Holographic lady has become desperate and is now reported to be adding quotes and puns and even songs to try and get through to passengers. Londoners are not impressed and have taken to twitter to sir their grievances.

You may not have to pass through Holborn every day however if you were to meet with one of our beautiful Holborn escorts or indeed our Chancery Lane escorts then you may encounter this crazed stepford wife singing ‘I’m still standing’ or declaring ‘I stand, therefore I am’ perhaps even if you don’t have to visit the station for any reason at all it could be worthwhile visiting whilst she is still in residency because we can’t imagine that she will stay for very long given the lack of impact she has had on stubborn Londoners! Our very own London escorts are less stubborn and a great deal more real so for a real beautiful woman who certainly does not nag then give us a call at Silver Fox escort agency.