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Spiked coffee alert!

8:56 pm, Thursday 7th April 2016

Japan is an interesting country to say the least. With many perplexing customs and the wildest game show TV one could ever think of, Japan is a country which is open to all sorts of things – especially kits kats as they have over 200 different varieties of those alone!  Hot on the heels of the girlfriend café – where gents call up to order their dinner and it is cooked and served by a ‘girlfriend’ who mills about as if they were a couple -  is the hedgehog café.  Your first thought would be that the hedgehogs are to eat however not so, they are to cuddle and hold whilst relaxing with your favourite beverage.  The café has around 30 baby hedgehogs of all types and the price to hug a hoglet depends on his/her colouring with the albino ones (pure white and adorable) being the most expensive. If the kitkats were not enough then this is definitely going to have you applying for you visa post haste!

Of course if you can’t get over to Japan and you need a cuddle at lunchtime or anytime throughout the day then our beautiful London escorts are always on hand to offer comfort and affection and the added bonus is the fact that they are not covered in spikes – a consideration they failed to mention in the marketing for the hedgehog café! We also have beauties of all types including blonde, brunette, busty and mature not to mention our ladies who enjoy the more adventurous sides of pleasure.  A single call to our agency will ensure that you get to date the companion of your dreams and despite the cuteness of hedgehogs  our escorts are much more engaging and leave any scars from your experience with them!  Why not give our agency a call today and make a date with one of our ladies for lunch or indeed any other time of the day or night.