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Soldiering on!

1:26 pm, Thursday 10th December 2015

The annual sick day survey undertaken by Fisherman’s friend has been released this weekend and shows that for the first time in 5 years, the number of sick days an employee takes has risen slightly. The findings of this yearly survey is, in fact, more of a barometer on public confidence in our society in general. It is about much more than our collective health and shows how confident we feel about job and financial security and the economy in general.

The findings also showed that the biggest reason for employee time off is due to stress. Stress has a way of affecting our immune system and causing any number of physical symptoms and is surprisingly not reserved for humans alone.


The tale of Hobby the Cockatoo, now renamed Javi (Hav-ee) was a prime example of the self harm and devastating effects of stress in animals. The beautiful bird plucked out all of her feathers as a stress reflex and despite being rescued and nursed back to mental and physical heath, it is not known whether her feathers will ever grow back. De-stressing and allowing oneself to relax is extremely important but making time for our own pleasures is ot something we build into our everyday lives.


The trick is to start slowly once you find what works for you. A big stress buster is sensual fun. Allowing your body the freedom to simply react to all your senses rather than being controlled by the confines of your minds is a wonderful way to escape the daily drudgery of life. A date with any of our sexy London escorts will certainly allow you to do that and even if you are super busy, you can still allow yourself just a single hour in the week or even the month to be pampered and spoilt. You could think of it as medicinal if it helps!