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Save your sanity if not the world

2:08 pm, Friday 18th December 2015

Residents in Carlisle might be forgiven for thinking that they have the patent on underwater living but an underwater hotel has just been given the go ahead in more tropical climes giving the guests incomparable panoramic views under the ocean. The hotel is currently under construction in Florida and is not just an exclusive holiday resort but is, in fact, designed to encourage the rebuilding of the worlds coral reefs.

The hotel is, in fact, a huge submersible vessel in which guests take a lift down to the bottom of the ocean to enjoy the views and relax and unwind. Not completely cut off from the rest of the world, they can still access Wifi should they feel the burning desire to post selfies and such but don’t expect to get a tan anytime soon. The vessel shoots an electric current through the seawater to create limestone in the reefs from which the coral grows. Caribbean islands have been invited to register their interest and if accepted, the vessel moves on to its next temporary host attracting affluent guests and doing good for the planet at the same time. A world away from the drenching that many UK residents in the North are currently experiencing but if you have the means to enjoy such a trip then you should also consider this as an ideal opportunity to enjoy a sublime retreat from terra firma perhaps in the company of a beautiful escort companion.

For those of us who cannot enjoy such ‘Bond-style’ sojourns, just a single hour with an exotic London escort is usually enough to recharge our batteries and electrify our senses. At Silver Fox London escort agency, there are more than enough beauties to choose from and even if you are limited to spending time in a hotel local to you our London escorts cover the entire city and can be with you with limited prior notice. Call Silver Fox to make your date and whilst we may not be the tropics, our escorts in London certainly add that exotic touch!