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Rum deal

6:10 pm, Wednesday 17th August 2016

Rum is an often ignored spirit that is a real hard worker. It makes an appearance in many different cocktails that other spirits get all the credit for. Not any longer. Today is national Rum day (there seems to be a national day for just about everything) and to celebrate we open the lid on the secret life of Rum and show it a little more appreciation that it has previously received.

The Pina colada, the mojito  and the Daiquiri  all include various rums and yet they seem to be the forgotten spirit. Rum is a sweet flavour which can add just enough spice where needed. Cocktails are becoming more and more popular with people and are not just something to enjoy on holiday anymore. There are so many different types of rum, the possibilities are endless but what is safe to say that it is extremely intoxicating and whether you opt for the white or dark rum, it can add a new dimension to your drink.

Most of the bars in London are celebrating Rum this week with special order drinks and cocktails that include it in various forms. Whilst there are plenty of gin bars popping up we have yet to see a Rum bar although perhaps this week will see a new found enthusiasm for the dark (or light) stuff. Since Rum tends to come from the Caribbean there are holiday connotations within the flavours. Exotic and sensual it could be the ideal drink to enjoy when you are on a date with our beautiful London escorts. Don’t drink too many though as you could find yourself feeling a little flat and given the wonderful company that you would be in , it would be a shame to spoil an exceptional evening. As with all alcohol on dates we suggest you err on the side of caution and take things steady – the same does not apply to your date!