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Rooftop romance

9:11 pm, Friday 3rd June 2016

Rooftop bars are a great way to enjoy the London skyline at night and the heavenly locations always add a touch of romance to a simple evening of drinks. There are some wonderful options to choose if you want to enjoy an ice-breaker with your chosen escort and our favourite haunt – weather permitting of course is the Radio Rooftop bar in The Strand. Their strict admission policies mean that the  clientele is select and ideal for those who want to enjoy the company of their date without any unwelcome attention or distractions and the view across the city is unmatched anywhere else.

Slick, plush and luxurious with an equally ambient background sound, your chosen London escort date will be enthralled by your good taste. This is assuming you have booked in advance and don’t end up in the last minute queue at risk of being turned away of course. – planning is always key and whilst you may pay through the nose for the experience – an experience it certainly will be! Wine, G&T’s and alcoholic fruit infusions are available although at £14 each the sky high prices reflect the altitude of the location. As they say, quality does not come cheap and if you are there on  a date with one of our elite London escorts then price will be unlikely to be a concern. Finish off the evening by retiring to your hotel or your escort’s home and  continue where you left off but this time in private.

This is just one idea for a night out in London and our reception team have plenty more if you are stuck for ideas. Of course booking a date with any of our elite escorts in London does not mean you have to go out in the city you can have an equally good time just keeping it simple and locking the door behind you! Call now to make your date.