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Reduce anxiety and hold hands

1:05 pm, Wednesday 30th December 2015

As a race of people we humans do like physical contact however our moral society prefer that we keep it ‘acceptable’ in company and in public so what better way to create a bond and sense of connection than to hold hands. The act of holding hands has been studied by scientists as to the added benefits us humans experience and it seems that we feel everything from a sense of belonging, safety, direction and respect when we do so. Brain imaging was used to confirm that the act of holding hands actually has a physical effect on our brain patterns and it seems it not only relaxed the areas of negative influence in our  brains but also increases the electrical pattern in areas often associated with good feelings.

Holding hands is always associated with intimacy in some way and traditionally it is not something that a client would expect from his escort companion however the girl friend experience our London escorts offer does include more of a sense of intimacy and bonding and of course holding hands is a real part of that and is all part of the authentic GFE our London escorts at Silver Fox offer.

Many London escort agencies promote the fact that they have GFE escorts however at Silver Fox escort agency we prefer to think of our girls as offering more of an authentic temporary girlfriend experience which is less contrived and much more natural and comfortable – which, after all, id exactly what our clients are looking for!

Our GFE London escorts are warm hearted and open minded and their tenderness and consideration captures the essence of mutual bonding and appreciation, of course as in any relationship there can be wild passion and excitement and our GFE escorts in London manage to encapsulate it all perfectly in a single encounter. Why not try it – hand holding is just the start of your adventure!