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Random Swedes

8:55 pm, Thursday 7th April 2016

Not the veggies but the people. We would advocate calling up and speaking to absolute strangers – it is usually quite a fast way to get you in trouble however in order to celebrate the 250 years of censorship abolishment, the Swedish tourist board have publicized a number that anyone can call and chat to a random Swedish person. Now it seems that the co-operation of the Swedes was necessary for this – they don’t just connect you to anyone – the Swedes would have had to sign up for this first however given that the Swedes are pretty cool bunch of people anyway – even if they are into Eurovision a bit too much, the abolishment of censorship was definitely the way to go! Yay for them!

When we say chat we only mean regular stuff, nothing naughty. The Swedish tourist board state that whilst Sweden is one of the most open minded countries in the world, ,they do prefer if people do not use this number as they might a premium rate line – fair enough however if you want to enjoy something with more of a personal and human factor then the only way to get the right connection is to make a date with any of our beautiful escorts. They are a little closer to home too in that they are also in London – just like you!

Our elite London escorts do not offer a phone service, they offer something much more tangible and intimate. Your date with one of our London escorts will not really compare to using the ‘call a random Swede ’ hotline however it could be fun just to hear the accent really. If it is accents that you are into then you are in luck as we have a myriad of different escorts from all over Europe and indeed the whole world so if rolling r’s and a sexy lilt is the thing that does it for you – call our team who can arrange for your date immediately.