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Put some colour in your cheeks

3:40 pm, Thursday 10th December 2015

Stress is a massive issue for many people all over the world, not just those in London. Stress has long been accepted as one of the causes of physical illnesses or even death in some cases and the medical world has long been searching and suggesting  ways of reducing our stress hormones in a bid to stop them reaching dangerous levels. A novel idea has just come about off the back of some research which showed that the stress hormone cortisol was seen to reduce when adults engaged in the childhood pastime of colouring in. It seems that the levels of concentration required to stay within the lines and the association to our stress-free childhood days actually accounted for a physical reduction in stress associated complaints!

British lingerie company Bluebella have gone one step further and released an adults only colouring book with black and white images of their lingerie models in various states of undress that adults can colour in their beauties to relieve tension although at Silver Fox escort agency we think our clients would much prefer to spend time with the real thing rather than a 2 dimensional drawing and our ladies always have plenty of ideas about reducing tension! No crayons necessary.

It is true that happy memories reduce the feelings of stress so in order to ward off any future problems why not make a date with our beautiful London escorts so that you can recall the fabulous encounters you have enjoyed when you are unable to make a date in the future. You can think of it as future proofing your health so you will probably need to pack in as many encounters as possible just so that you have plenty of memories to recall in the future! Our reception team are on hand to help you make all the magic you need to start creating those stress-busting memories!