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Put a cork in it!

2:46 pm, Thursday 10th December 2015

No sooner had we popped our corks with the news that three glasses of Champagne a week wards off dementia, than the bosses at the NHS blew raspberries on our rapture by saying that it only helps if you are a rat! Probably good news since vodka is the favourite tipple in our household. It was the researchers at the University of Essex who might have prematurely released their findings and you can make of that what you will! Apparently they forgot that much more research is necessary before we can categorically state that it works in humans. They did not mention where to apply for the clinical trials but perhaps their absent mindedness only confirms that we need to hurry this research up for their sakes if nothing else!


Perform your own trials


Rather than waiting for years for the official research to be published why not start your own. You can enjoy a glass of bubbly with one of our gloriously gorgeous little sparklers and see how your memory works afterwards. We guarantee that your encounter will not be forgotten in a hurry and your time together will be something you will want to repeat time and again – perhaps three times a week just to be sure? Lots of our London escorts enjoy a glass of fizz from time to time but whilst the research does specifically state that it is Champagne that has the beneficial effects, it does not mention that other fortified wines could act in a similar way, so maybe a trip to Majestic would be in order, especially since they are now selling their stock by the bottle rather than the crate. Perhaps a bubbly blonde or a cheeky red (head) might be in order but of course, it all comes down to personal taste after all. Call now and discover some of our own corkers, it’s for medical research after all!