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Patience is a virtue

6:11 pm, Wednesday 17th August 2016

It has been in the planning stages for years and first we thought we were there, then we were not but finally this Friday the very first night tubes ever roll out on the central London and the Victoria Line. It has been a long time coming and there have been plenty of pitfalls along the way but in a busy and vibrant city like London, it is surprising that it is only just happening. It is only a matter of time before the dreaded night bus is cast into history and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Jubilee line, Piccadilly line and Northern line following along in the Autumn. Given the fact that London is a 24 hour city, it stands to reason that the transport lifeline is there to serve it at all times. In New York and Berlin, they have had 24 hour transport systems in place for years so finally London is catching up!

Given that TfL wish to offer a safe travel system arrangements have been made so that there are taxi ranks set up at almost every station along every line. This means that once you alight from your train you can still get home safely. With an increase of usage of the trains after 10pm by 70% there is definitely a demand for the service and it is estimated that the economy will grow by an additional £360 million in response. Of course it will make your visits to our beautiful London escorts even easier  and whilst our escorts tend not to use the tube service to meet their clients, clients can certainly make use of it when they book an incall. They say that patience is a virtue and in this instance it seems that everything does come to he who waits!