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On Doctors orders

8:58 pm, Thursday 7th April 2016

Today is world health day, a day that the WHO (World health organisation) decide to educate us on the benefits of staying healthy and information about certain illnesses and risks we take with our health. This year the theme is diabetes – fun! There are many different forms of this illness although the most popular in the UK seems to be type 2 – this is where the body doesn’t react to insulin due to excess weight or physical inactivity. At Silver Fox escorts you will not find that any of our high class London escorts suffer from this debilitating illness especially since they get plenty of exercise all the time!

It has been proven that as long as periods of activity are increased then sufferers can actually cure themselves completely so what better way to enjoy some heart pumping pleasure than to spend an afternoon or evening with one of our gorgeous London escorts. It is practically medically advised! Our ladies know exactly how to raise your pulse rate and get you breathing heavily which will all aid to your recovery. Whilst we don’t expect to see this as a form of cure recommended from the NHS, it certainly will go some way towards keeping sufferers fit and active so if you want to think of it as medically recommended then who are we to argue!

Our beautiful London escorts can visit clients in all parts of the city so accessing various areas of London is difficult then our beauties can come to you. Something of a home visit but not in the medical term, unless of course you want to add some role play themes into your fun – then the nurses uniform can come out to play too. Warm up your stethoscope for a fun encounter with one of our beautiful London escorts at Silver Fox escort agency.