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Not the Shard but the Splinter!

4:48 pm, Tuesday 12th April 2016

London has become a glittering sky-scape of steel and glass buildings which glint in the sunlight (occasionally) and make it difficult to see. Perhaps this is why the newest skyscraper coming to London has been proposed to be made out of wood! The nightmare of every fire fighter will be 300 metres tall and attached to the concrete carbuncle at the Barbican centre. It is proposed that this will provide over 1000 new homes for Londoners although they do not state whether they come with a flame retardant suit! At 300 metres it beats the newest tower which has just been approved for construction which at 278 metres is a baby by comparison – although this might be somewhat more trusted by buyers in that it will be made out of steel rather than splinters.

With all these towering buildings soon the only place to see the sunlight will be in the Royal parks in the city however given the close proximity of our beautiful London escorts to these park s they will add more than a ray of sunshine to your day. The city is growing at one of the fastest rates in its 2000 year old history which is why tall skyscrapers are springing up almost on a weekly basis. The city cannot move outwards and so it moves upwards and developers predict that in the next 10 years our skyline will resemble that of Manhattan in New York. Our clients won’t be looking upwards though as they will have more than enough to keep them enthralled in the sheer beauty of our London escorts.

London is changing at a very fast pace and in a city where there is always something going on it can be difficult to find the time to relax and take some time for yourself. Our beautiful London escorts provide the perfect companionship for those times when you need to re-focus on what is important. Why not take a few moments to browse our gallery of beautiful escorts in London and then call with the details of the lady you would like to see.