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No personal assistant needed

5:13 pm, Thursday 9th June 2016

Our stunning London escorts know that it can be difficult to find time to organise groceries and supplies in the hectic lives we lead in the city and hanging around waiting for a home delivery booked days in advance is simply not convenient in our fast paced lives. Amazon have cottoned onto this and have now launched their online supermarket where shoppers can place their grocery order in the morning and expect it to be delivered later that evening- Much more civilised. For those of us who do not have a personal assistant to send round the shops this is likely to be a wonderful idea although if you live anywhere other than East London or Central London you are going to have a to wait a while as these two areas of the city are the only ones in which the service is being trialled.

At Silver Fox London escort agency we have a number of beautiful escort companion who are available in Central London and East London and whilst many of them can be booked at the last minute we also cover all other areas of the city too. Whether you are in North or South London or indeed West London our stunning companions will be more than happy to visit you at a moment’s notice. Whilst this is a wonderful service don’t ask if they can pick up a couple of bits along the way! That’s just a bit cheeky.

Why not take a look at our galleries and see which of our beautiful escorts in London you would like to meet and once you have decided give us a call and we will do our level best to make the arrangements for you. You can at least rely on the fact that we will be a little more responsive than this new Amazon service although the idea is definitely the way forward for the future.