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no beauty worries here

11:10 am, Friday 23rd September 2016

We frequently hear parents singing their child’s praises, telling us how gorgeous they are and how well they are doing at school. However, it is exceptionally rare (if ever) that we hear of parents thinking their child is ‘ugly’. If you thought that would never happen, you were mistaken. In a brave and recent article, parents disclosed the first time they found their child unattractive – one mother commented that the first time she saw her newborn son she cried (and they weren’t tears of joy). She also went onto saying “luckily he’s much better looking now but I definitely had my doubts at first”. One other parent admitted ‘‘my son isn’t great looking, but is fantastic fun, and I’m so proud of him”. Whilst many of the parent comments featured in this article are light hearted, one individual reported that her parents told her she was overweight at a young age and this has been embedded in her mind ever since.

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