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New balls please!

11:26 am, Friday 23rd September 2016

We all feel a little stressed from time to time! Whether the pressures of work are piling up or the general burdens of day to life are getting that little bit too much, it’s important to find ways to relieve some of this tension. If you usually struggle to find ways of doing this, we might have something that will be of interest to you. Replacing regular and well recognised stress balls is what are being called ‘Niceballs’ which are designed to look like a pair of testicles – yes you did read that properly! The idea of these synthetic testicles is to stick them on the underside of your desk at work (or the dining table at home!), so that they can freely hang and are available for whenever you may need them. The balls however are not only designed for stress-relieving purposes; they are also there if you have a general craving to play with some balls (apparently!).

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