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Never gonna give you up?

8:57 pm, Thursday 7th April 2016

Remember the lyrics? Bet you just sang that rather than just reading it. Well, diehard fans of the single will be delighted that there will be a follow up – some  23 years after the original success. Rick Astley has apparently just released his new single, after retiring from the music industry 23 years ago. He’s now hit 50 and decided that he was brave enough (or is that poor enough) to have another go. His new single ‘keep singing’ has been received well by social media so who is to say that it couldn’t do well in 2016.

Imagine yourself dancing to it on a night out in the city, especially when you have your perfect companion by your side. If you are of an age where you remember the original hit then perhaps you won’t be giving it large on the dance floor but rather enjoying the sounds in the background of a nice evening out in London.

At Silver Fox escort agency we have a number of escorts who are considered mature and who may have enjoyed the song the first time around just like you. If you want to date someone who is not tethered by youth and inexperience and would prefer to enjoy the company of a woman who certainly is confident with herself and her skills then our mature London escorts will be ideal for you. Strangely enough many of our mature escorts are also keen on the fetish scene so learning how to escape from duct tape might be an idea (see our other article ‘bound to have fun)-  just kidding! Seriously our mature escorts are ladies who know exactly how to have the most fun and are open to new ways to enjoy their time with their clients. Why not give us a call and never give up on having fun in London!