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Move over Movember for Decembeard

2:14 pm, Friday 18th December 2015

Step away from the razor, at least for another month as Movember has naturally slipped into Decembeard. Aimed at raising awareness and money to beat bowel cancer, participants are encouraged to continue growing their facial fuzz for charity and to then post the resulting snaps on their social stream. Admirers can then show their appreciation of their efforts by texting £2 to the charity. In an attempt to include those in society who don’t naturally grow beards, children and most great aunts, Bath store has championed the event and suggested that ‘bubble beards’ count too.

One has to admire the brand’s marketing team for this excellent idea but we can see the campaign going in a completely different direction once you get baths, nude people and bubbles involved. Already the social sphere is awash (get it?) with naked women and carefully positioned bubbles posing under the popular hashtag of #bubblebeard  - with not a single soul remembering to donate their £2! Some ladies’ shots are actually difficult to distinguish a face - must be all that steam and, by the way, is all that humidity good for you phone?

Bubbles are certainly smoother on the skin though, as our beautiful elite London escorts have noted. Movember was all for a very good cause but their delicate skin has been under tremendous stress from the abrasive grazing of stubbled lips so perhaps bubble not stubble should be the mantra for the coming month after all!

With the party season in full swing and plenty of mistletoe hanging around (quite literally) it might be worth noting that no-one appreciate a prickly pucker. If you can get past that stubbly stage to a more sleek and strokable length then your smoothness will be well rewarded – most definitely  by our stunning London escorts of course.