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Got the munchies?

12:50 pm, Thursday 14th January 2016

For those North of the border the Munchie Box is not a new thing, but then again neither is chronic heart disease however, I digress. The Munchie box is basically a pizza box filled with everything your local late night takeaway sells (literally everything they sell!) that you can buy as a ‘meal’ to eat when you are feeling particularly famished. Or drunk. Usually drunk.

The smell will still be lingering around long after you have sobered up and are back to work  and the image of all that meat and grease should act as a deterrent against ever eating anything fried ever again. Until the next weekend at least.

These things have been around for years in Scotland, in fact we are told some  people have been brought up with them and twitter is awash with scornful scots airing their obvious contempt at our ‘new’ discovery down south.

The Scottish people are not well known for their generally healthy lifestyle indeed it has just been reported that there is to be a 10k wineathlon in Glasgow in September where every 2 mile pit stop will be serving wine to runners (or crawlers) instead of water!

Getting fit is difficult. It takes hard work alot of will power and if you don’t have the right motivation, it’s never going to work. As you can see from our galleries, our gorgeous London escorts certainly have the motivation and the willpower and always plenty of exercise, not always in the gym though! If you want to be put through your paces, forget about a personal trainer, come and see your personal playmate – guaranteed to be a lot more fun and if you do it right, you will certainly find yourself out of breath and more than a little hot under the collar! No grabbing a Munchie box after though because that’s just cheating, wine is ok though!