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Freshers week sweet treats

11:23 am, Friday 23rd September 2016

It is a well-known fact that students are on a tight budget – with rent to pay and weekly food shops, any student would be grateful for a little bit of help! Well, for one student, food will no longer be a worry. A 19-year-old from Canterbury recently went out on a whim when he contacted a new bakery opening in his hometown, asking for a lifetime supply of brownies and cookies if he was able to achieve a challenging target of 20, 000 likes, 10, 000 comments and 5, 000 shares on facebook. What he did not expect however, was how drastically his life was to change over the next 48 hours. To his surprise the company accepted his offer with the condition he was able to achieve the targets within 48 hours. Astonishingly, the young student achieved his goal within just 12 hours, shocking everyone! What he did next though was both unexpected and truly beautiful. After a conversation with the bakery, both parties decided that they would donate the lifetime supply of goodies to a charity for the homeless – Catching Lives. What a sweet thing to do!

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