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Free beer in Soho

9:20 pm, Thursday 18th February 2016

If you work in London you might want to think about moving your office space. A company which hires out office and desk space ‘WeWork’ ensures that all their buildings have free beer on tap for all its renters. At the end of the day – or at any time during the should they feel the need – workers can go up to the tap, help themselves to a glass of beer and then carry on with their work. Making no mistakes whatsoever. Obviously. Of course in such a working world of equality, that’s all there is available. No wine for the ladies or anything else however as working environments go – it’s not a bad one.

The company have various office space throughout London in Spitalfields, Moorgate, Old Street and the trendy South Bank – perhaps al that artwork will make more sense after a few glasses then! For workers who can’t bear to leave the office at the end of the working day this is a great idea although how it will catch on, is anyone’s guess. At Silver Fox escort agency we can think of better ways to de-stress after a hard day at the office although we are not about to install a couple of our beautiful London escorts in every office for those who require erotic enchantment at the end of the day – probably a step too far we think!

Once you have finished work, isn’t it better to simply leave the office altogether? Why not visit one of our local escorts in Central London for an hour or so, or better still, why not enjoy a lunchtime tryst where you can still get back to the office ready for the afternoon session – with or without beer! Our central London escorts are available with just a single call to our offices and we guarantee we will be alert and lively whatever time you call as we don’t have beer on tap here *has idea!*