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forward thinking

8:04 pm, Monday 11th April 2016

It can be a tempting proposition to hook up with an ex if you are feeling amorous but prefer the safety of someone you already know. Of course it can save a lot of hassle since you already know how to get from A-Z with your ex and all those first time nerves with someone new are non-existent in the safe world of ‘ not moving on’ however repeating your actions over and again is not quite as safe for you as you might thing – especially emotionally. There is a reason (or many reasons) they are your ex and returning to the scene of the crime so to speak is not going to help you move on!

It can be daunting to have to launch yourself out into the dating world again. The fear of rejection, the nerves, the self conscious thoughts and general fear of not knowing how to ‘play the game’ can put even the most adventurous of us off however whilst you are transitioning into the confident and adventurous person you know you are why not enjoy a date with any of our beautiful London escorts. Our ladies are extremely open minded and all have warm and friendly personalities, as well as insane beauty of course! They know how to encourage and be patient with those who may lack in confidence themselves. Enjoying a date with any of our stunning London escorts is a great way to launch yourself back into the dating scene again and can give you the confidence you lack in the beginning – just think, your future partner will certainly not complain at your confidence and skills once she realises she is the beneficiary! Why not pluck up the courage and give us a call to make that date now on 07590 849798