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Football fever

5:14 pm, Thursday 9th June 2016

Love it or loathe it, football will take over almost every aspect of our lives starting 10th June. The Euros have landed and this is one European event we want to be part of!  The matches are all of course being held in various stadiums across France and for an entire month, teams across Europe will battle it out for the title of best in Europe.

England has a great chance of doing well this year with an exceptionally talented side and there are plenty of places in London which plan to show all of the matches regardless of what time they are being played. Whether we win or we lose our stunning London escorts will all be on hand to help celebrate or commiserate and regardless of where they originate from themselves our girls are behind our boys in support of a British win.

Given that London is as multicultural as they come there will be plenty of places which support your team if they happen to a side other than England. South Kensington is as French as could be and there are plenty of little bars and delis where the games featuring the home side will be enthusiastically supported and equally other nations have their own favourite social spots which are likely to be well supported by their ex-pats during the games. Our stunning London escorts are not normally huge football fans and prefer to play other energetic games which you could enjoy as a warm up for the main event or by way of celebration once your team has won. Equally a date with our beauties is a great way of cheering yourself up after a defeat and will prove that it is only a game after all. Give us a call and make a date with our stunners you can book for a single hour or 90 minutes or even longer – the choice is yours.