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Fit for London

7:57 pm, Monday 11th April 2016

It seems that April is the month to be fit and show it what with the London Marathon taking place on the 24th and the London to Paris bike ride all in the same month! People up and down the country and some from even further afield are in the last few weeks of their training and certainly taking it very seriously. Along the embankment one can see huge numbers of people jogging along in preparation although if it is primarily for keeping fit we do recommend other ways that could be so much more fun!

Our own London escorts are extremely fit young ladies although not many of them have taken part in the prestigious Marathon. Our girls (and us) prefer to spectate and donate along the route which is helpfully dotted with various pubs and cafes which offer excellent positions in which to cheer on the runners.  The London to Paris cycle race is another matter which does not offer quite such a great atmosphere as the Marathon nevertheless it too requires some support so again, it is back to the pubs and bars which line the route to cheer on those who have worked hard for their sport.

Whilst our beautiful escorts in London are extremely energetic, they like to keep their pulse rate elevated in other ways. Always open to suggestions and always adventurous our London escorts know how to put a spring in your step without the commitment of months of hard training and sacrifice – its pleasure all the way baby! Why not view our escort gallery and see which of our stunners you would like to keep fit with and then give us a call to make the date. If you book for the 24th them perhaps you could both watch the race or just support the runners with your best wishes whilst keeping fit in other ways yourself. Call 07590 849798