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Escape or not!

9:10 pm, Friday 3rd June 2016

The escape game has grown immensely in popularity amongst Londoners in recent months. If you haven’t already partaken it involves a group of people being locked in a room and having to follow clues or riddles in order to find their way out. Something  like Cluedo mixed with ‘The Crystal Maze’ and it has taken people’s imaginations by storm! This weekend and every weekend sees a choice of venues and companies that arrange these evenings so whether you want to head off to Hackney and enjoy ‘Time Run’ or perhaps prefer ‘Cluequest’ in Pentonville, or maybe even ‘Langstroth’s last riddle’ in Stoke Newington, there are plenty of choices in all areas of London.

At Silver Fox London escort agency  we prefer those bedroom games in which you don’t want to escape in an hour. Our ladies have a way of making you want to keep the chains on and you certainly won’t be looking for the key to escape! Our high class London escorts are the very treasure themselves so why on earth would you want to go off looking for it elsewhere!

 These are great ideas for an evening out if you want to try something different. You will need to be a team player though in order to get the best result. This is another difference in that a date with our stunning escorts in London mean that you get all the attention focused on you alone unless of course you book a duo date and that is a whole heap of other kinds of fun altogether!

Why not give us a call and play your own non-escape game and see how much you enjoy an  hour of staying in the room. We guarantee that our high class London escorts will keep you more than occupied throughout so much so that you will want to repeat the fun!