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Emporers new cocktails

9:05 pm, Friday 3rd June 2016

We’ve all heard of the Emperor’s new clothes and we’ve had bottled air from Shoreditch at £10 per jar now we hear the news that London is set to open a water only cocktail bar in Selfridges. No, this is not a late April fool’s joke but absolutely true. They even advertise for a water Sommelier to create fresh and innovative H2o cocktails for high class customers. Right.  Most of the UK have written it off as a ridiculous idea however for those who prefer not to touch the hard stuff perhaps this could be an option. It is highly likely that this water will be mixed with juices ir salad items for nothing else but presentation but the chances are that customers will find themselves paying through the nose for fancy named squash and juice drinks that you can get from the local newsagents.

Apparently bottled water has different levels of minerals according to where they came from and it is these infusions of minerals that give the water its distinctive taste. By combining these variants, mixologists think they can come up with the ultimate water cocktail tastes to suit every palate. Like the emperor’s new clothes we think that the pretentious people who buy these ‘drinks’ are the very same people who complain if clothes are worn by us meat lovers . No such worries with our stunning London escorts luckily. Those who book a date with our amazing escorts in London are in for something rather more intoxicating than they could ever imagine!

Why not make a date – which involves something a little more exciting than mixing up water variations, with our beautiful London escorts and find out how to really have fun in the city! Call Silver Fox London escorts agency and let us know which of our high class London escorts you would like to see.