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Dont forget your towel

9:04 pm, Friday 3rd June 2016

Today is #towelday in memory of Douglas Adams and The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. The show was a classic comedy in the UK and gained a cult following. Fans have been carrying around towels for the purpose of sparking a conversation about Adam’s work on 25th May since 2001. Of course since a towel is an unlikely item to be seen carrying around in public , social media has been awash with photos of people wearing their towels in the most extraordinary places to the bemusement of those who are unaware of the reason. The next time you are on a tube and find yourself sitting next to someone wearing only a towel to cover their modesty, perhaps striking up a conversation about comedy writer Adams might be the better option to running away in a blind panic.

Some people actually look quite good clad in only a towel and our beautiful London escorts are no exception. If you happen to be in the company of any of our stunners when they are protected only by a cotton square then you should consider yourself very lucky indeed!  A conversation about a British comedy writer might actually be the last thing on your mind though! Our elite London escorts are available in all locations across the city and whilst most will not be found travelling to see their clients on the tube, they are usually happy to engage in all your desires, even if that demands wearing nothing but a towel – perhaps not in public though.

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