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Do you suffer from FOMO?

2:12 pm, Friday 18th December 2015

In a supposedly social inspired world, on first glance it seems as if everyone is living out their dream lives with quirky captions explaining the fun, carefree and glamorous experiences they enjoy on a seemingly daily basis. Social may, in fact, have turned out to be the wrong word when, in fact, these daily narcissistic broadcasts are anything but! They are aimed at promoting the self, not connecting with others. A new modern ailment has been revealed as FOMO or fear of missing out. It seems that the caring and sharing psychologists have identified a new strain of ‘mental illness’ in people using social media and have called it FOMO. It seems that many poor lambs fear their own lives are not as glamorous as the multi-millionaires or celebrities that they follow (who knew!) and fear that their own lives are not as gilt edged as they would like. Call us old fashioned, but we used to call that jealousy.

It appears that whilst many people post up all sorts of wonderful aspects of their lives, giving the impression that they are having a wonderful time and are so ‘blessed’ to have (*Delete where appropriate) a new perfect partner/brand new super car/ exotic holiday /wild night out/ perfect body/ wonderful family / a painted toenail/ egg mayonnaise sandwich, you know, all that important stuff! Some people are feeling bad about themselves because of it. Call us disbelievers but in our experience, the very best experiences tend to be ones that we don’t post or boast about. Our beautiful London escorts are the perfect example in that they offer a discreet and private service which provides the ultimate social experience with a real human and not a device – well devices are optional of course! You won’t see her grabbing your phone for a quick selfie or whatsapping her friend from your hotel suite. So keep things simple and concentrate on actually fulfilling your own fantasies rather than believing in others’.