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Dinner in Chelsea tonight?

11:11 pm, Wednesday 9th December 2015

After such a miserable day weather-wise, dinner time will signal the need for some comfort food classics. Something hot and satisfying with a hint of exotic is probably in order, oh and some warm delicious food too? Our stunning Chelsea escorts will certainly satisfy your appetite for pleasure however you might want to consider Toms Kitchen to satisfy your stomach. You could combine the two and book a dinner a deux  which will replenish your energy reserves to the levels needed for desert!


Dining out in Chelsea could be seen by many as something of a formal occasion however those who live or work locally know that there are plenty of options for those who prefer to enjoy a ‘bite to eat’ rather than a three course affair. In  such exceptional company though, you may want to make the extra effort, especially since the Chelsea London escort you choose to dine out with will have gone to great lengths to ensure she personifies all that is elegant and chic.


Travel the culinary world without leaving Kensington High Street. You can choose between modern Italian at Timo or perhaps something more rustic at The Spaghetti house or, if you have chosen one of our beautiful European London escorts then why not enjoy a nod to their heritage with a European flavour at Aubaine’s or Balans.


The Chelsea set retire early. All those hedge funds don’t grow by themselves you know so an early night is the order of the day in this part of London. Your Chelsea London escort will also be eager to leave the public space of the restaurant although perhaps not for the same reasons. At Silver Fox escort agency, our ladies have been selected for their sense of adventure and desire to brazenly enjoy every moment so don’t expect your evening to end quite so soon. Each dinner date encounter includes an hour of private time once your meal has ended so you may want to skip the cocktails and mix up your own fun back at your hotel or home. If we have whet your appetite in anyway, why not give us a call?