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Coffee with cream?

6:08 pm, Wednesday 17th August 2016

London looks set to see its first fellatio café opening in Paddington it seems. A social network site for escorts is currently looking at venues in the city where gentlemen can order a coffee and enjoy something rather more than just a biscuit on the side. Apparently it seems that this is already happening in Geneva, Switzerland this Christmas and if the local councils and planning departments in London agree, it will be coming here soon (no pun intended!)

The concept already exists in Pattaya and apparently is going down a storm (sorry). Coffee lovers will be able to choose from various coffees and then also choose their companion in the same way. There will be sexy waitresses who simply serve the coffee and then hostesses who serve the gentlemen. Of course we can already see that there are likely to be problems arising there with confusion about who is serving who however the owners seem oblivious to any possible problems.  

Prices look set to start at £50 and rise to £70 depending on the service ordered. That’s rather an expensive cup of coffee even for London standards and reactions from the public seem to boil down to the fact that the café is exclusive for men and whether there is likely to be a pokestop near it.

Before you get all excited, it is highly unlikely that this will be granted and in our opinion it was a news story that was designed to promote the escort website itself. With escort agencies going further every day in order to promote their services we do wonder why no-one is happy simply sticking to good old excellence. At Silver Fox escort agency we simply offer an outstanding service with genuine beauties across the city. No need for gimmicks and shock factor which can become rather boring after a while. If you simply want to enjoy a genuine encounter then look no further. Coffee is free by the way!