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Catch em all

1:51 pm, Thursday 1st September 2016

On a hunt for Pokémon you expect to find a few Pokéballs along the way. One keen player of the extremely popular game however, who led her two younger siblings along an inviting trail of Pokémon, got more than she bargained for! Trending now is the story of how two unsuspecting half-naked people were caught locking lips (and other body parts!) in an extremely compromising position. If this wasn’t strange enough, the pair did not seem disturbed by the audience they had acquired as they continued to engage in what has been described as a ‘passionate cuddle’. As the crowd grew larger, this was not the only unusual behaviour as on lookers of the passionate act did not seem to mind either! It has been reported that despite the antics, passersby continued to play the addictive game! 

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