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Be beside the seaside

4:50 pm, Tuesday 12th April 2016

When the clocks went forward to mark the official start of British Summer Time we thought we were in for some balmy days in the sun finally. Although it has not been a particular cold winter it has still been drab and we are all about ready for some much needed vitamin D. This weekend looks set to provide some of that, on Sunday at least,  with Saturday showing as being a bit of a wash-out but Sunday being the brightest day of the weekend. A trip to the beach might be in order.

Of course we are aware that London is not actually on the coastline and paddling around in the mud along the edge of the Thames does not count. We need real sea and sand with ice-cream, chips in newspaper and amusement arcades. London is surprisingly well connected and so a trip to the sea-side might not be as laborious as you might think.  The Essex coastline is less than an hour’s drive away from the city. You may not get blue badge beaches but you do get some sand and a brisk  breeze. The water may not be too inviting but there is plenty to keep you engaged whilst you are there and just an hour or two out of the city might be enough to blow the cobwebs away. If you really don’t want to trek too far from the smog then we do tend to have some man-made beaches in London although it might be a little too early in the season for them just yet. A pub lunch at any of the bars along the Thames offer the same relaxed atmosphere and when you are in the right company you could make a whole day of it. By the right company we of course mean our beautiful London escorts. We have a number of companions who are located in Paddington and Canary Wharf so bodies of water are always close by. Why not call and set the date this weekend and get that feel-good factor back again!