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Always come prepared

1:54 pm, Thursday 1st September 2016

Have you ever found yourself ‘unprepared’ in certain situations? Imagine this! You’ve spent your evening with some friends enjoying some of Chelsea’s finest cuisine and have found yourself in a well-established bar or club surrounded by a sea of unfamiliar faces. Across the room, one face stands out. The drinks start flowing and before you know it your friends have gone and it’s 2am. By this point, you find yourself in toe with a leggy blonde and the only option is to continue the party at home. After politely declining a coffee, you find the leggy blonde has made her way into your bedroom. You’re now in the midst of passion but there’s a problem! Unbeknown to you, your stash of Durex essentials has run out. What do you do?

Thanks to Durex, this problem will never happen again. Trending now is the revolutionary idea of a ‘Durex Dash Button’. Inspired by the wifi connected button designed by Amazon which enables you to order your favourite product for next day delivery, Durex have released the Dash Button so that you never find yourself falling short at the last hurdle ever again. No one likes surprises and with our girls at Bayswater Escorts you can guarantee there are no hidden agendas! Offering a discreet service, all of our irresistible escorts from all over the globe have their own unique personalities and aim to please so that you can be sure your date will be memorable! Out escorts are just as stunning in person as they are in their pictures (unbelievably!) so you will not be disappointed!

If you are looking for a naughty redhead, a sophisticated brunette or an exotic blonde, Bayswater escorts is here to ensure all of your desires are met. Available for 30 minutes to an entire evening, you will be sure to whatever time you spend together! For an unforgettable date with one of our extraordinary escorts, contact Silver Fox  Escort Agency on 07590 849798 to meet one of our Bayswater beauties today!