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A fire in your belly

8:44 pm, Monday 1st August 2016

As if the weather isn’t hot enough, the world’s strongest chilli – the Carolina Reaper has just hit town! These burning peppers have just arrived in supermarkets including Tesco so if you are up for a taste bud burning BBQ to celebrate the summer, stock up on these spicy babies!


Be warned, the Carolina Reaper is not your typical chilli. Holding the Guinness World Record for being the world’s hottest chilli, customers are strongly advised to handle these fiery fiends with rubber gloves and only add a sliver of it to your food unless you want to experience a roller coaster ride through a burning hell.


According to Tesco’s chilli purchaser, (that seems to be an actual job!) ‘The Carolina Reaper is the absolute meltdown material – it is one for the absolute hot food connoisseurs.’ They also mentioned that despite the pepper being infamously hot, it also carries a delectable fruitiness. So just add a dash of it to your favourite curry for a whole new experience.


One chilli fiend who consumed a whole quarter of the Carolina Reaper recalled that for the first 20-30 seconds, he wondered what the hype was about. And just two to three minutes, he panicked that ‘the pain would never end’. Well it did eventually come to an end, a whopping ten minutes later. So yes, you have been warned.


We probably do not need to say it but of course our scintillating London escorts are real scorchers themselves however they won’t cause any discomfort or ill effects after your experience with them. Why anyone would want to inflict this kind of culinary madness upon themselves is beyond us however if you feel a little daring then why not indulge in a spot of fetish fun or fantasy play – rubber gloves could still be included if you want!