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40 winks

5:06 pm, Thursday 9th June 2016

London is a city which is every bit as energetic during the wee small hours as it is during the day. With 24 hour tubes, all night stores and restaurants which never close it is easy to become caught up in the never ending loop of awakeness however for those who have to then drag themselves in to work the next day, it can become a bit of a chore especially the closer to the weekend we get. Now London, as always, has the answer in the form of a new pop –up called the nap station. Running from 16th June to 11th July if you fancy a doze in your lunch hour or a power nap during the 3pm slump then head over to the old Truman brewery in East London where you can enjoy an hour in a sleep pod although if like many of us you find it difficult to doze off on command then the free workstations and wifi coupled with the free coffee between 3pm and 4pm will at least add an element of relaxation.

At Silver Fox London escort agency, our ladies are always wide awake and ready to party. You won’t need a sleep pod when you are in their company however you may need one after your date a you are likely to be exhausted by their exuberance and endless energy!  Of course,  unlike the Nap Station you are not limited to a certain areas of London as our beautiful London escorts are available in all areas of the city and whether you choose an incall or an outcall you are likely to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at the prospect of spending time with an exceptionally sexy London escort. Why not give us a call and make a date with your favourite stunner now.