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24 hour tubes

9:06 pm, Friday 3rd June 2016

The debate has been going on for over a year but finally this week it was announced that the 24 hour tubes will get the go ahead to start in August. Yay! No more avoiding eye contact with the drunks on the night buses and no more risky uber taxis in the middle of the night. Journeys will get shorter as we can zip around town on the tube as we do in the daytime. The 24 hour tubes have been a long time coming and given that other major cities like Berlin and New York have had this service for years it is not a day too soon. Mind you, it is unlikely that our stunning London escorts will use the service when they are visiting and leaving clients as they do prefer to arrive and depart in their own transport or at least in a black cab however for the rest of us it is a welcome addition to our city lives.

Clients booking overnight encounters can now travel to their chosen escort’s incall locations via the tube system which will make it a whole lot easier for many and for those who enjoy dates in the evenings and at weekends in the city, getting home should be made somewhat easier. The party can continue for much longer once this service is introduced and no more will we have to cut the party short for fear of missing the last tube home. Businesses in London are preparing for the extra boost to their business as people no longer have to exit the city by early evening so a long balmy summer is promised. Of course clients can still enjoy the undivided attentions of our amazing London escorts as they always have done as our ladies have never let anything stand in their way of enjoying a great night but at least now their clients never have to rush to bring the date to an end.