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Commuting in and out of London is a chore many hundreds of thousands of people dread not least because of the extra  time added onto the working day but also because conditions are less than desirable given the high costs of an annual ticket. Yesterday, as an unprecedented scrum with people unable to apparently even reach the toilets on the trains that were simply rammed dangerously full. The rail company blamed this on 14 drivers being taken ill although those in the know reported it as unofficial strike action however if travellers are a little more savvy then they should take a leaf out a young teenagers book and think outside the box a bit more. A young man wanted to travel between Sheffield and Essex and worked out that he could fly to Germany from Sheffield and then return back into Essex for less than the rail ticket!  Rail companies ought to watch out as they might find themselves surplus to requirements before long! This is something that is highly unlikely to befall our beautiful London escorts though as demand is higher than ever before, especially since the post Christmas hiatus is now over.

The end of the month has finally arrived and with this also being the first payday after the excesses of Christmas the new year many people (unless they bank with HSBC) finally have access to some money and are looking to party! At Silver Fox escort agency we have plenty of party girls who are perfect for just such an occasion as these are the girls who like to have fun and certainly know how to do it in style.

Our party escorts are the life and soul of every occasion. All heads turn when they enter a room and they have the social skills that elevate them to the top tier every time. Those are not the only skills they possess though although clients will have to make a personal date with them to find out what those other skills might be. Our agency is ready and prepared for the onslaught this weekend with unprecedented demand being seen already as the sun sets. We are told that we are in for a freezing weekend with the arrival of storm Gertrude and unlike those poor souls in the north, we at least still have power and water in the South. Not that you would need much when you book a date with any of our gorgeous escorts in London. Just somewhere to enjoy the privacy and intimacy of spending time with one of our beautiful party girls in London. Our escorts can either come to you or you can visit them, the choice is yours but one thing you can certainly rely on which goes without saying is the fact that we know you will want to return time and again to repeat the experience.

You don’t have to book one of our party girls, especially if you have something more intimate and romantic in mind but why not speak with one of our team who can  advise the most suitable companion for your individual needs.