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January was all about detox, February is all about retox. We’ve all seen enough smug dryjanuary fruit cocktails on our inst feed to last a lifetime now it’s time to really get the party going and retox ourselves good and plenty! There are many places in London that we can do this so why not grab a partner for some guilt free fun in London courtesy of our gorgeous high class London escorts.

Carnivores should head over to Devonshire square in EC2 to enjoy the offering at the newly opened Pitt Cue. The Soho version was very popular and trendy but the queues for the food were almost too much to bear. Now in a new location with a great deal more room, you can satisfy your meat cravings including that delicious American BBQ pulled pork all washed down with copious amounts of wine or beer of course!  Fully retoxed and well.. full in minutes. You won’t have room for desert but do leave yourself enough energy to fully enjoy the attentions of your chosen London escort date. If you are a red meat lover then our red blooded women will certainly appeal and they too have voracious appetites although not always for pulled pork – not a euphemism!

If you still have a conscience and didn’t quite fully embrace dryjanuary then you can assuage your guilt by visiting tiny leaf. London’s and indeed the world’s very first zero waste restaurant. No you don’t get everything in a doggy bag but all their food is sourced from donations made of surplus food from places like Planet Organic. Expect organic but no less enjoyable cocktails too so you can leave feeling so much better about the world and ready to indulge in other pleasures perhaps.

Retoxing can be a lot of fun however given that your body may not be quite as used to all these delights as it used to be do take it easy. Our London escorts are all for having a good time but there is nothing more off putting than a drunk companion. Also there is the performance department to worry about and why would you run the risk of not enjoying your date to its fullest extent just because of a few too many beverages. Everything in moderation, except passion of course – you can never go too far with that one!

If you are one of the hip and trendy Londoners still on the sushi bandwagon then why not try a Willy Wonkaesque meal at Oliver Maki. Apparently an 8 course meal can be enjoyed with just a single dish which is very much like  the encounter you will enjoy with your chosen London escort. All types of pleasure can be enjoyed and variations thereof too. If you like to keep things fresh and interesting then our high class London escorts are the ideal choice. Head on over to Dean Street to satisfy your sushi craving but to satisfy all your other needs, our London escorts are available in all areas and at all times.